Renovate for a comfier life and more functional living


Here are some ways you can do that with home improvements that will not break the bank. In future articles, we will show you even more home renovation projects and hints and tips that will make keeping your home in tiptop shape about as effortless as it is possible to be.

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Wooden doors expand in humid weather, and they can jam…usually against the floor. That means they will need to be trimmed, and that is not as difficult as you might think…just follow these tips on how to trim a door and the only jamming you will be doing is down at the local club.

Freshen up your home by painting an interior feature wall alternatively you could use wallpaper to add that something special to your home!

Simply updating cabinet and door handles can make a huge difference in modernising cabinets, drawers and doors!

New look for old patio furniture
Update the patio furniture…when your patio furniture starts to look a bit worn, follow these staining tips for a transformed garden patio set.

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Neaten up the garden
You can forgive most things, but an unkempt lawn can have a very negative impact on your garden’s visual appearance. Here are some very useful hints and tips on making your lawn the pride of your garden. and as a bonus… even more hints and tips, this time on how to prune trees, shrubs and bushes.

Keep the outside clean and decent
Clean outdoors walls and gutters and repaint the exterior of your home if necessary. Here are some handy tips on painting the exterior of your home

Invisible carpet repair
You can add new rugs to floors and you can also get rid of any carpet stains or invisibly repair an area of carpet where a cigarette end, for example, has burnt it.

Till death do us part…
So you want to install new tiling in your bathrooms? Follow these tips on how to replace a cracked tile or tile from scratch. You will be proud of the result.



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